Learning to Drive Made Easy

A Formula 1 Driving School has been in business since 1989. For over two decades we have been teaching beginners, licensed drivers, and corporate fleet drivers the art of safe driving to minimize the risk of collision, and to prevent injury. The founder and owner, Jeffrey Pope has had the pleasure of teaching at both public and private high schools, collision-avoidance courses with the military, performance and manual courses for licensed drivers, and is a graduate of numerous open-wheel and sports car racing schools. He is fortunate to know and help neighbours and friends living in the community become better drivers!

Are you ready to learn how to drive? Use this G1 Test to see if you’re ready to take the written exam!

Complete ANY Driver’s Ed Course at your Convenience for Maximum Insurance Savings!

  • MTO-Approved Certification
  • Save up to 51% off your Car Insurance Premiums
  • In-Class time combined with 10-hours of In-Car training
  • 10:1 student-teacher classroom ratio
  • 1:1 In-Car instruction
  • Free home pick-up/drop off
  • Use of instructor’s car for G2 test included
  • Highway Training
  • Expert Instruction for G-Highway Tests
  • Instruction for automatic or manual/standard vehicles
  • Male/Female Instructors
  • Instruction in Other Languages available!

High School Courses

  • A Formula 1 Driving School continues to provide driver education services to numerous high schools in the GTA area, including: St. Thomas of Villanova High School, Maple High School, and Stephen Lewis High School
  • ONLY A Formula 1 Driving School is under an approved driver education contract to service Maple High School and Stephen Lewis High School
  • Eight after school courses at either Maple High School or at Stephen Lewis High School on Tuesdays

Proven Track Record

  • Over 25,000 graduates of our beginner course
  • We teach not just how to pass the Ministry road test, but how to drive to survive!
  • Our graduates learn to remain collision free and how to take control of the automobile using defensive driving techniques.
  • Students successfully learn how to handle highway and high speed driving, lane changes, and large left turns at busy intersections.
  • Our students practice all driving test maneuvers repeatedly within the span of a 1-hour driving lesson, including 3-point turns, parallel parking, forward and reverse stall parking, emergency roadside stops, and hill parking.
  • Over 98% of our students pass the Ministry road test, and are ready to take on more complex driving environments.

Mr. Jeffrey Pope feels that learning to drive should not only be FUN to do, but it should be spiritually uplifting!

Getting your driver’s license will put you on the road to success. Mr. Pope is honoured to teach the knowledge and skill of driving — which is of paramount value used daily by 75% of all North Americans.

A personal goal of Mr. Pope’s is to have his graduates drive with artful skill and safety, well into their senior years, thereby reducing the risk of crashing and injury, ultimately reducing insurance costs:

“My office wall is covered with certificates of qualifications, teaching various courses of driver education. Driving is an art and science we must continually develop over the course of our lives. From the beginner courses, through to refresher courses for licensed drivers to different classification of licenses. By learning or refreshing your skills, you will directly benefit from improved safety skills for you or your loved ones, and may reduce insurance costs.”

Sign up today for the most advanced, skillfully interpreted, and entertaining driver education possible. We are a mid-range priced small business that caters to your personal schedule and needs.


Please call for more information, or to register for driving courses: 416.888.1227